Snapshot Stories 📸

Is there anything more promising of some secret mysterious story than a photograph? A single moment in time, caught, seen, felt. It’s as simple as a woman looking over her shoulder as she crosses the street and her eyes meet the camera and *snap.* Who is she? Where is she going? Is she running from something, to someone? What’s the love story, the mythical fantasy, the drama, the horror.

Sometimes you can’t even realize the story, you just feel it. The intensity of it; the web of past decisions that warp the future, shape the moment, transport us away from our own reality into some other world.

I love it.

I bet you love it too. So here are some of my favorite captures that I took on an IPhone 5 (yes, it still works) and that literally take me away from the moment every time I look at them. I want to share them with you, so that you might feel what I feel… the adventure, the mystery, the emotion so palpable you can practically hold it. So, here goes…


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